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Rising Vibe Ltd

Who we are

We’re culture consultants, supporting and challenging leadership to create an emotionally safe culture.

We help our clients to enable this culture via learning and development solutions:

Leadership development:

How do you want your leaders to lead, what mind-set (set of beliefs do you want them to hold), and what behaviours do you want them to role model in your organisation?

Talent development:

Who is the talent in your business and how will you nurture them to continue to create the environment you want and need in your business?

Team development:

How do you want the teams within your organisation to interact? What relationships do you want them to have? How do you want them to engage, challenge and support each other?

One to one coaching:

Exec coaching though to first line manager coaching, to support and nurture your leadership talent and support and challenge leadership behaviours.

Rising Vibe can support you to create a culture where your people feel SAFE. They’re open. Honest. They have the conversations that matter. They say how they’re really feeling. They feel valued and reconnect with their colleagues and the business. They’re motivated. Energised. Passionate. They feel better, so they do better. And the business does better. A lot better.

We believe that every organisation should bring business goals and human needs together, because when you take care of your people the business takes care of itself.

What we do

Rising Vibe design and deliver learning and development solutions that support businesses to create an emotionally safe culture.

Here are the most common business challenges impacting culture that we help solve with our clients:

• Burn out and low resilience

• Ineffective communication

• Short term tick-box solutions that don’t deliver

• Avoidance of conversation around diversity, inclusion and performance management

• Resistance to change

• Silo working

• Disconnected Senior Leadership

What we've done

We’ve partnered with HR Directors, People Directors, Operations Directors, Sales Directors, Managing Directors and many more, to deliver brilliant results. We work with big corporates and small medium enterprises – to check out our client portfolio visit our who we work with page:

We launched our trailblazing sub-brand Calling Out The Men in October 2019, which is delivering emotional support for men in business. We are the first organisation to step up and address this important issue which will lead to true holistic gender balance.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


This is 'Our Vibe' which tells you how we work with each other and our clients:

• We keep it s...

Solution Focused

We do the leg work for you. You will have a sense of what needs to happen or change within your busi...


Tick boxing and being a ‘one hit wonder’ is not what we are about at Rising Vibe. We use the att...


We can’t solve the problem or achieve the outcome FOR you, but we can do it WITH you, so joint com...


Setting and managing expectations, being explicit ongoing via feedback, sharing concerns and issues,...

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