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People Alchemy

Who we are

We help you generate the behaviour change you need with our unique software and consultancy led approach. Our founder, Paul Matthews, is a well-known L&D author and speaker, so we know L&D. He believes L&D has enormous untapped potential to generate useful change and help organisations thrive in this fast-moving world. In a nutshell, we want to help :-)

What we do

Our Performance100 platform stands alone or sits alongside your LMS to ensure that people learn the way we evolved to learn, by doing. Without tasks, without activity, without practice, most learning content does not translate into changed behaviour. The Performance100 platform solves this problem.

Alongside the platform, Paul Matthews can help you get your L&D strategy right and your learning initiatives implemented in a way that delivers impact where it counts.

What we've done

Performance100 is used by training companies to run programmes for Bentley Motors, Ocado, Mars, Hitachi, GKN Aerospace, Voestalpine and many, many more.

It is used by organisations like City Councils, DEFRA, Police Forces, Universities, the MoD, the Institute or Motoring, NHS Trusts and more.

With customers like these, it is worth at least a conversation to discover more about what we have enabled in management development, onboarding, apprenticeships and other learning and support programmes.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


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Solution Focused

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