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Drew Povey Consultancy Ltd

Who we are

We are a Leadership Consultancy organisation absolutely passionate about people (first!) and organisational development. We have been observing, studying, researching and working with Executive and Senior Leaders from across every sector for over two decades and this has given us a totally unique perspective.

We are absolutely passionate about making the difference and we do this with individuals, teams and whole organisations in every sector to help them to develop and strengthen their leadership quotient and capabilities.

We give people the required edge to survive in this extremely competitive world.

What we do

We work with individuals, teams and whole organisations to assist in all areas of its leadership development strategy. From 1-1 coaching, leadership teams input, to keynote speeches. We will support you to establish high performing leaders and interdependent teams. We can support you with the effective change of culture and the planning of visions and values. We will support you to enhance relationships across your business, including with key stakeholders, and crucially we will support you with effective and sustainable change leading to a more robust and resilient organisation.

What we've done

We believe that everyone has untapped potential and we want to support you to cultivate the best version of your organisation, your people and of course yourself.

We work in a 1-1 coaching/mentoring capacity providing a unique fusion of commercial and elite level sport experience, business psychology and bespoke techniques to bolster strengths and help with the regeneration of blind spots critical to interpersonal and leadership competencies.

We also provide 'leadership shots' within organisations. This support element really is an awakener for leaders and their teams. Each shot is bespoke and developed with a wealth of business psychology, carefully blended with best practice and will arm people with immediate walk away ideas to implement. It is high energy, interactive support that will ensure the teams believe that they can achieve more.

If you have an upcoming conference or significant company event where you require a motivational speaker to set the tone of the day. We have a proven track record of inspiring excellence, bringing expertise and delivering dynamic speeches with our keynote deliveries.

We also offer our own bespoke Leadership Psychometric Assessment. This tool is fantastic at identifying your current levels of leadership whilst also providing you with next steps to broaden both your areas of strength and weakness.

We are extremely passionate about people and development and absolutely love what we do. From Paralympians, Professional Sports stars and National teams, to FTSE 100 companies, Global organisations, Public Sector Services including the Police, NHS, and within Education both Public and Private. Also within Voluntary and Charitable organisations we have worked with all layers of these organisations. This huge base of clients and roles affords us a truly unique multi sector perspective.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


We will help you (and your people) to become the best version of yourselves. We will support you to ...

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