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VoicePresence Ltd

Who we are

As a senior leader in your business, your greatest power as a communicator is to be yourself...with skill. We are a small team of experts from a theatre background - Actors, Directors, Voice teachers and Writers. We know how to craft the right message, delivered in the most impactful way, feeling on fire. Our buzz comes from seeing leaders use our techniques to change minds, ignite listeners and connect with their people.

What we do

We make leadership communication easy - conversation, presentation, facilitation and influencing. Working with you one-to-one, as a small group or a bigger team, our job is to bring personality to information. Our sessions are full of warmth, trust and fun as we help you find your unique path to managing brilliant conversations, creating magic in presentations, performing your best self in interviews, learning how to become an transformational leader facilitator and building unbreakable, powerful relationships through skilful influencing - whether in person, or virtually.

What we've done

We have boosted the communication skill and impact of leaders in BAU programmes for Sainsbury's, WorldPay and Dyson, among others. We have added inspiration to the leadership communication of Vodafone, Nationwide and Virgin Atlantic Airways, among others. We have coached senior leaders across a wide range of sectors ranging from mining in Australia to investment banking in New York and pretty well every thing in between. A proud specialism is our understanding of the voice. We love supporting women and minority groups in owning their voices, speaking out with confidence and authority and making a powerful impact.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


We set out to serve our clients - to identify the gap between where they are and where they dream of...

Solution Focused

We are experienced in the behaviours that people challenges bring to a business - we've studied them...


We know that every leader has the ability to inspire others. We've had an incredible opportunity in ...


We're all freelancers and have always lived a life of unpredictability. Every day is a fresh start, ...


Our offer is really simple - clients pay us for delivery and nothing else. Prep time, materials and ...

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