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Thinking Focus

Who we are

We believe that individuals and teams underperform, not because they want to or mean to, but because they can't get out of their own way.

We also believe that people have the capability to fix this, they might just not know how to - yet! Whether it's mindset or motivation, clarity of thought or creativity, we help people to get out of their own way to become more productive and more engaged in solutions.

What we do

Our Global client base engage us to work with their business units in multiple locations, to help people to perform better. Our approach is to help individuals and teams to remove interferences - whether those interferences are self-imposed (the way we think) or organisational (processes and procedures that need improvement).

Leaders work with us to sharpen their strategic thinking skills. Managers value our ability to help them prioritise effectively, gain clarity and get stuff done. Our work with teams results in enhanced creative and critical thinking skills, improving productivity.

In all interactions, we help individuals to connect with the higher organisational purpose. Our focus has always been to develop and embed pragmatic thinking tools & techniques to create the environment for mindsets and behaviour to be strengthened, helping people to own their results and deliver improved performance.

We do this through facilitation, workshops, development activities and coaching - face to face and online. In addition we have created a gamification resource to bring the benefits of social learning and group coaching to teams - and a resource bank of thinking templates for collaborative use by remote teams.

Our clients value the care that we take to not build dependency on us. We have an empowerment model built on transference of knowledge & skills to enable organisations to:

• Remove interference to drive productivity and impact incremental gains

• Achieve sustainable behaviour change, helping people to become more agile

• Refine the culture to support the common vision & stretch thinking beyond current beliefs

• Develop leadership mindsets that can grow with the business and improve it further

What we've done

Our clients point to 3 main reasons why they benefit from engaging us.

1. Our deep understanding of how to make learning accessible and how to bring it to life

2. The fact we’ve all done it ourselves as business leaders

3. Our application of behavioural psychology in the work-place, making complex concepts simple, engaging and powerful in changing mindsets and behaviour

Thinking Focus was created in 2016 by 4 people, self-funded with an equal stake, taking us just 8 days to set up the business.

We started with 3 clients, but with the confidence that our combined previous successful engagements across a variety of sectors including law, housing, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and financial services (UK and international) would enable us to grow.

We keep our Belief Statement at the heart of everything we do. “We believe that teams and business units underperform. Not because they mean to but because they can’t get our of their own way. Recognising interference, whether it is work related or self-imposed, real or perceived, is the key to unlocking a company’s true potential.”

Within 3 years our turnover had grown to just over £1million, our client base increased to 53 businesses across 26 sectors in 12 different countries, and we were awarded Bronze for Start-Up Learning Provider of the Year by the Learning and Performance Institute.

Key to this success has been our continued development of client-focused resources. We have:

• Written a book to support and underpin our programmes, the ‘Thinking Focus Toolkit’.

• Developed a podcast series ‘The Question is…’ with a listener base covering three continents.

• Developed a strategic blueprint ‘Strategy Wall’, designed to enable organisations to follow a structured process to developing their business strategy.

• Self-funded the design, development and production of social learning tool ‘What Would You Do?’ (WWYD) – which engenders meaningful conversations in the workplace and uncovers moments of truth

Now in our 5th year, the business has further grown its client base to 101 and the turnover to beyond £2 million. We are particularly gratified, during the Pandemic, to have welcomed 16 new clients, released 33 new podcasts and re-designed our social learning tool -WWYD- into an online format which over 1,000 people have experienced and 12 clients have purchased. Over 7,000 people have attended a Thinking Focus workshop or webinar online since March 2020.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


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