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The Sweet Potato Consultancy

Who we are

Values and People. These are the two things that matter to us most at The Sweet Potato Consultancy. They underpin everything we have achieved so far – as a senior nurse and educator – and everything that we want to achieve with you. We keep integrity at the heart of our endeavours and will work alongside you to make sure that the positive changes we make in your organisation last way beyond your time with us at TSPC.

What we do

We at The Sweet Potato Consultancy do things differently. We give managers the confidence and expertise in crucial areas that are traditionally neglected. We create successful and engaged teams.

We specifically focus on:

β€’ Managing Mental Health & Wellbeing

β€’ Understanding Menopause

β€’ Challenging Conversations

β€’ Creating psychologically safe and connected teams

β€’ Management Development for Today

β€’ Creating a Wellbeing Culture

What we've done

We at The Sweet Potato Consultancy do things differently. We stand by you and face your challenges head on. We don’t flinch because we know that these are opportunities to learn, adapt and grow. We target those key areas where the most difference can be made. We use our difference – our knowledge, qualifications and extensive experience in how people, teams and organisations overcome challenges and make positive changes. Changes which will help you, your teams and your organisation to thrive.

We have worked with a wide range of companies but have particular expertise with companies in the Bio-Tech and STEM fields – of particular note is the British Antarctic Survey who we worked with for a number of years. We understand the challenges of this sector, the people who work in them and what gets results. We love creating reality from opportunity.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


We at The Sweet Potato Consultancy are here to create long lasting impact. We do this by standing si...

Solution Focused

We know how frustrating it can be too choose training with the best intent but end up confused as to...


We know from the evidence out there that most training is forgotten really quickly! Even if training...


The Sweet Potato Consultancy is a small team who are able to respond quickly to changes. We have a v...


Being honest and upfront is a key part of our values. We are clear about time frames and costs. But,...

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