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The Learning Gym

Who we are

If you want to build, stretch and tone your learning muscles, then The Learning Gym is for you! We focus on upskilling learning professionals in their work, ranging from diagnosing and evaluating, to designing and facilitating learning interventions. Let’s get learning fit!

What we do

We work with you to make you a fit(ter) learning professional. We don’t focus on the “what” (subject matter/content/topic), we focus on the “how” (methodology, tools, effectiveness). And what this means is that we work with learning professionals across industries and sectors, experience levels and geographies. Whether it’s creating a customised Train-The-Trainer for an in-house trainer group, or running open/public workshops, we’d like to believe that you can find your learning niche with us.

The typical challenges that learning professionals come to us with are in the areas of designing engaging and effective learning solutions (in-person and virtual), facilitating with impact, using games and tools to create interaction, and effectively evaluating learning interventions. To address these challenges, we offer certifications, workshops, consulting and one on one coaching.

Our team, clients and partners, live and work across geographies – and the virtualisation of our world has made us even more accessible to clients across the globe. Our co-founders being strategically based out of Asia Pacific and Europe, helps us cater to a host of different needs, contexts, and time zones!

What we've done

What have we done? We have made an impact (or so we’d like to think!). Sometimes it’s when we work with individual consultant facilitators and designers to help them climb this virtual training mountain that suddenly popped up. Sometime it’s our work with the in-house L&D team for a company from the aviation industry, to help move the from training to facilitation. Instead of thinking about happy client testimonials (which are of course grateful for), we decided to put our heads together and think about what we’ve achieved. There are a few things – being able to quickly adapt to, and then thrive in, the virtual space, creating a community of ever-hungry-to-learn L&D folks, helping facilitators, trainers and designers feel more confident in their sphere of work.

What we’re most proud of, is being the catalysts to help our clients bust some of the common myths in our industry. Here are some examples –

• designing an engaging workshop is time consuming

• all programs need to be evaluated in the same way

• in order to be an effective trainer, one needs to jump into lecture mode

• learning is the end goal of training programs

We’ve debunked all this and more! And in doing that, we’ve built a community of learning professionals who share experiences and challenges, support each other’s skill building, and inspire us to stay learning fit.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


We don’t just speak the language; we understand the ecosystem of the facilitator/trainer community...

Solution Focused

Most of the challenges that our clients come to us relate to one, or a combination of these aspects ...


This is going to sound terribly clichéd, but we believe that our work speaks for itself. What we me...


Being flexible is an inherent aspect of what we do and it’s something we’ve always stood for. Wh...


We don’t under-promise in order to over-deliver. We deliver that we commit to. Have there been mis...

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