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The Learning Effect

Who we are

The Learning Effect is a specialist consultancy helping organisations transform learning with tech at the heart of how they do this. Founded by Katie Godden and James Poletyllo they bring their combined 35 years of in-house experience to deliver results that drive performance and impact to your business and people.

Whilst we understand learning tech in detail, we have substantial inhouse experience which means we understand that tech needs to be an integral part of the picture rather than the whole solution. We have been part of senior teams, led change and transformation projects and selected and embedded new tech. This experience means we understand the pressures you face and bring a holistic view to any client we support. We also know from experience that there is no one size fits all, so we ensure we tailor our solutions and support to fit your precise needs.

What we do

We offer support across any aspect of learning strategy, business performance, learning transformation and learning technology. All our services are tailored for each client. Our most popular services are:

- Learning Health Check

We will evaluate your current learning structure and outline the next steps needed for change.

- Learning Strategy

We will help you build a learning transformation plan and outline what it will take to get there.

- Learning Technology Selection

We will support you through finding, selecting and securing the tools and platforms that are right for your


- Project Management

We can provide additional support to your team at the level that is right for you.

and anything else needed to deliver your needs.

What we've done

Our background and speciality is in setting up and turning round learning functions in a variety of sectors including retail, telecoms, healthcare., local government and hospitality. We recognised that by reimagining your approach to learning and utilising the right tech you can achieve amazing results. Yet colleagues in other businesses were struggling to deliver the same results. We knew that having the right strategy, tech, skills and approach were the key to this success.

Since 2019 The Learning Effect has helped organisations in sectors including finance, charity, retail and training on their journey to create their unique story. We have helped save our clients time and money whilst delivering results beyond their expectations.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


Having worked inhouse we recognise how important it is to partner with our clients. As a client we a...

Solution Focused

Navigating learning tech can be confusing there are hundreds of options, lots of jargon and differin...


The first step is always for us to understand what is it they are trying to achieve and what is most...


Our approach is bespoke to our clients and our philosophy is that we are there to add value and help...


We are refreshingly honest – we focus on the areas that matter and deliver pragmatic real world so...

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