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The H Consultancy

Who we are

Offering helpful, hopeful, holistic and human solutions.

Established in 2020, The H Consultancy is a boutique Leadership & Careers Development Coaching & Consultancy where we use Positive Psychology principles and incorporate those into everyday management and leadership development practices.

What we do

I am determined to educate and help businesses develop their management / leadership teams’ skills, so that organisations can move through their current pain points and become revigorated and Managers can truly start behaving and leading inspirationally.

Using the ELEVATE method, my approach is one of emotional learning, everlasting value and theatrical engagement.

What we've done

Having worked in a wide variety of organisations and industries from retail to aviation to biotech, I am able to bring my experience and knowledge to almost any situation and offer a creative, commercial and human solution to any people management issue that you face.

With a passion for Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, I have developed leaders, designed programmes and managed HR functions that have been integral to the organisation's success.

For a previous organisation that I worked with, we were able to increase the employee engagement score from 7.9 to 8.6 in just over 7 months (during COVID) due to programmes designed and conceptualised and of which I consider a huge achievement, amongst others.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


As an HR professional, I am very used to dealing with a variety of personalities and challenging lea...

Solution Focused

I am very resourceful, so creating ideas and coming up with different and creative solutions is how ...


To have impact, I need to understand the real issue or root problem. I need to know what the root ca...


Life is all about change. Life is also about growth and progression which is undetermined most times...


My two personal and professional values are : Honesty and Humour. Without those values, I am not me....

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