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The Charity Learning Consortium

Who we are

The Charity Learning Consortium is provides an affordable Learning Management System, quality eLearning courses and great networking opportunities to more than 200 charities and not-for-profits. We aim to bring our charity members together, to collaborate and share ideas on L&D best practice.

What we do

E-Learning hasn't always been widely available to charities, it's just been too expensive. Martin Baker, our CEO knew charities needed to train their staff and volunteers while keeping their costs down. Hence he created the Charity Learning Consortium, so charities can mutually fund and share resources.

Jump to the present and we have an industry leading, bespoke learning management system (LMS), professional courseware and a community of L&D professionals sharing knowledge – all at a realistic price.

What we've done

In 2020, we were proudly awarded the Corporate Excellence Award 2020, Best Community Focused eLearning Solutions Provider. We couldn't have achieved this without our 200+ members and the strong partnerships we've created over the last 15 years. Our partnerships include Coaching Culture, iAM, Learning Now TV, Liggy Webb, MicroLearn, UK Charity Week and many more.

Our members gain exclusive access to a range of bespoke resources specifically made with the third sector in mind. These include our Little Book series, 2,500+ bitesized videos, Annual Conference and quarterly Members' Meetings.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


To put it 'simply'...

"With the Charity Learning Consortium we really work in partnership, so it'...

Solution Focused

You will receive unmatched support from or small, friendly team of Account Managers who you will get...


We're constantly improving all features within our membership with the help of our members for input...


L&D is a forever changing and adapting industry...

And that's why the whole team at CLC is behind...


Our members trust and believe in what we do. Find out more by visiting our website or getting in tou...

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