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Who we are

StoryTagger is the mobile video learning platform that helps organisations crowdsource their best learning experiences.

What we do

Chances are you need to find new ways to help people work, learn and connect with each other. Video communication is proving the most powerful way to do this but most people find filming themselves a nerve-wracking prospect.

This is where StoryTagger helps. If youโ€™re asking your people to share a story, tip or team update our app will guide and coach them through the process, stress-free. From working out what to say to recording a well shot video that people want to watch, StoryTagger helps everyone reflect, plan, and film a great story.

What we've done

Most video apps focus on filming whatโ€™s in front of the camera. StoryTagger guides people to reflect, codify and share their own learning experiences. Itโ€™s designed to build confidence in self-filming and develop reflective practice skills that help the best stories rise to the surface.

We're proud to work with some brilliant brands: Adidas, Bouygues, Bupa, Cambridge Judge Business School, City and Guilds, IKEA, London Business School, Specsavers, UEFA and many more.

StoryTagger is simple, guided and enterprise ready.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


We may sell a product but that doesn't stop us being a partner. Every customer receives a full onboa...

Solution Focused

StoryTagger is designed to take the effort away from creating brilliant user-generated video content...


Smart planning and recording helps people look and sound fantastic. StoryTagger does the heavy lifti...


You can use StoryTagger to meet a wide range of goals from advocacy to knowledge sharing, from D&I s...


Authenticity is baked into our product. Our fees are honest too - you simply pay a licence fee for a...

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