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Shine Coaching

Who we are

From YTS to CEO

During a 26 year career with an animal health publishing company I progressed from Office Co-ordinator in a team of five to CEO on the board of directors, running a successful business of 30+ employees.

As a leader I believe that a happy team is an effective one. Any one of my team could come to me with a frown and an issue they were stuck with; I'd listen, ask questions, and help them get past - and they always left with a smile! It was my favourite part of the job.

Through my own personal experience of coaching I discovered what I love doing and what I'm great at. So I set up Shine Coaching and am making it my mission to increase happiness, reduce stress and improve team effectiveness in as many workplaces as possible.

With 15 years corporate leadership experience under my belt, as a respected people-centred leader youโ€™ll find me approachable, empathic and intuitive.

What we do

Great leaders can transform organisations, but for managers to become great leaders they canโ€™t do it on their own.

With board level experience and as a qualified Wellness Coach, I understand the commercial pressures and am well-placed to support your team.

If your team needs to become more independent, more focused, more confident, make swifter decisions, or get clear on their priorities, you'll find my 1:1 coaching is transformational in a number of areas:

๐ŸŒŸ developing up and coming talent

๐ŸŒŸ embedding new recruits

๐ŸŒŸ alongside performance management

๐ŸŒŸ following a promotion.

What we've done

I've worked with soloprenuers in the digital and travel industries. I've also worked with managers in a number of sectors including financial services, manufacturing, digital services, music events, animal health marketing, and publishing.

"Shine Coaching is an apt name for Jo: not only does her sound advice and targeted questions get you thinking about 'you' in a more positive light, but she will have you brimming with positivity from the first moment you talk with her. Jo doesn't aim to 'fix' your issues; she gives you the tools to address them yourself and prompts you to view things differently so you realise your issues are not insurmountable. Sometimes, a different perspective is all you need and for that, I would not hesitate to recommend Jo to anyone who is letting their head become crowded with overthinking and worry, regardless of the reason."

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