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Shape Talent

Who we are

We are a gender diversity consulting and coaching business with a mission to enable more women to move into senior leadership roles in business. We want both men and women to thrive and work with organisations to ensure strong Talent, and Diversity and Inclusion strategies and to achieve meaningful progress in gender equality.

What we do

Shape Talent partner with you to really understand what is getting in the way of greater gender balance in your organisation and to address this. We start with a through diagnostic using our proprietary 3 Barriers model to ensure you invest wisely in solving the right problems. Together we then identify the 2-3 key areas that will have the biggest positive impact on your gender balance.

We typically work with global clients, and while every client is different, some of the more common solutions for our clients include:

- overhauling and de-biasing policies and practices

- inclusion awareness-raising interventions for senior leaders

- implementation of sponsorship programmes

- authentic leadership programmes

- acceleration programmes for women

- group coaching for women

- executive coaching for women

- helping to set up, or to maximise the value of your employee resource groups and womens' networks

- workshops targetting the areas that traditional leadership development doesn't cover (e.g. strategic networking, managing power and politics, managing Imposter Syndrome)

- and much more

What we've done

We work with blue chip FTSE250 and Fortune 500 companies across a wide variety of sectors, from telecommunications, to manufacturing, to beverages, to roofing, to beauty products and much much more. Our clients include Ericsson, Tate & Lyle, Heineken, BMI, Britvic, TT Electronics and many more.

Our Founder, Sharon Peake, has presented her research findings and client results around the world, has been interviewed on live radio, and has been profiled in, Psychologies magazine, Business Leader magazine, Business Reporter magazine and many more publications.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


Partnership is important to us. We work with you, to jointly diagnose the high priority focus areas ...

Solution Focused

You're in safe hands with us. Our deep expertise in gender equality means that we relieve the burden...


We provide thought leadership in gender diversity and have developed our own model to understand the...


We strongly believe that every client is different and we adapt to your needs. In the words of one o...


Integrity and professionalism are at the core of who we are and what we do. That means we do what we...

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