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Pulse 360

Who we are

We are Pulse 360.

Part of Foundation SP (3-time winners of Great Place to Work UK®), we are thought leaders in employee engagement and workplace culture, with an innovative approach to feedback.

We help organisations, and their employees, be the best they can be.

What we do

Pulse 360 is a highly customisable tool helping support and facilitate feedback for continuous improvement (for both organisations and employees).

The power of Pulse 360

- Positively reframes feedback and empowers employees

- Provides instant feedback and data 

- Personalised and focused on what’s important to you – representing your priorities and organisational DNA 

- Supported by industry experts with real world experience – providing holistic support and guidance

What we've done

We work with a variety of clients, across all major sectors, helping them and their employees, listen, learn and act upon feedback.

Our highly customisable system gives organisations the ability to rapidly gain feedback and insights from across their employee base to support employee engagement and wellbeing.

Our work with clients is built upon our own experiences as an award winning workplace.


Why customers tell us they love Pulse 360

- It's simple & intuitive for all users

- It's hassle free for both HR and IT

- It provides real time insights, data and reporting for users, managers and business leaders

- Our collaborative approach and ongoing support

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


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Solution Focused

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We provide full transparency and honesty throughout every interaction with a customer or prospect.

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