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Who we are

Potentialife is an innovation in the field of Leadership Development in that it offers a truly scalable process to reach rapidly and deeply into your organization, and thereby bring about positive and lasting change in leadership behavior and culture. This innovation is made possible by the integration of the latest thinking from the fields of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience into a technology-enabled process that we deploy in our client organizations.

The company was co-founded in 2011 by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, a Harvard pioneer in the field of Positive Psychology, and Angus Ridgway a former Senior Partner at McKinsey&Company in London.

What we do

As we are creatures of habit, the essence of the Potentialife program is a multi-month sequence of weekly on-the-job 'behavioral experiments' during which you practice new positive behaviors. Over time, these experiments allow you to build new habits. You craft your weekly experiment during a 30-minute on-line module that you complete at a time of your choosing. Each module comprises

video content, personal feedback and diagnostics. Once you have completed the module, you are ready to try out your behavioral experiment in the week ahead, and then discuss it in your buddy group.

The deliverable for each program participant is a personal script (that has been built up over the program duration) that defines the new leadership habits that have been developed; we refer to this as the new ‘personal operating model’.

What we've done

Since 2011, we have worked with over 100 client organizations across six continents and with more than 15,000 program participants, with outstanding results of impact. Our data-driven approach provides quantified ROI measures with statistically meaningful aggregated data on leadership behaviors, and their progression over time. This data allows us to see deep into organizational culture and bring about meaningful cultural change bottom-up.

While we often work to support the development of the middle-management level in our client organizations, our largest client deployments have reached thousands of individual front-line workers within the organization.

If your development priorities include deep impact, scale, speed & flexibility, and cost efficiency, we may be well placed to help out.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


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Solution Focused

The integration of the latest thinking from the fields of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience into ...


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