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Who we are

We are a consultancy not a training company where the magic of tailored design solutions provide clients with transformational learning experiences that lead to long term change. A collaborative, experienced and like minded team where each of us brings something special which makes us unique.

What we do

We develop people by unlocking their understanding of themselves and their abilities, by helping them to understand their core behaviours, what they do and how that impacts on them and those around them. We weave our magic to design and deliver tailored solutions with fresh perspective. We find solutions that are far reaching and ambitious because we alway challenge the norm, we look for practical approaches that give return, ultimately our work creates empowerment to change behaviours that last to benefit individuals, teams and organisations.

Being true to our values we guide and bring a level of trust and create great learning environments that nurture people to :

- step away from their place of safety

- become inspired to innovate themselves, teams and organisation

- produce real results now and into the longer term

- be creative using their own scope - clients are enabled to "Embrace their own Uniqueness"

- increasing your own capacity to delivery more and do more for yourself, thats the legacy we leave

Our Service Provision includes but is not limited to:

- Bespoke Organisational Development programming

- Coaching; individual, team and organisational

- Team and Personal Development Programmes and interventions

- Leadership and Management Development Programmes

- Skills Building programmes or one offs

- Facilitation and crafting conversations

- Client led bespoke combination programmes

- Developing your internal resource: leaders, managers, coaches, trainers and facilitators

Our collaboration and flexibility transforms to facilitate positive lasting change!

What we've done

The badges and awards we hold are not trophies or accolades. Our team members have worked as associates for larger providers where they have been part of the delivery and design teams that have won a number awards.

We do have and have had a number of very well known clients in our own portfolio for example WHSmith, Civil Aviation Education (CAE), Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), The Law Society, Birmingham City Council, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors RICS Co-operative, NHS, as well as numerous smaller organisations, local authorities and Housing Associations. That's our namedrop done!

We have extensive experience of working as part of an Associate team providing a variety of project across many sectors and including world wide coaching provision to a variety of leadership and management projects with participants from Mongolia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Malaysia, Kathmandu, Copenhagen, New York, Congo, Mayanmar (Burma), Lebanon, Denmark, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Japan and Vietnam this gives extensive culture and diversity experience and understanding people culture and behaviours.

What create a real partnership to help our clients to:

- Shape change in approach, strategy and culture

- Develop people capacity in self, operations, management and/or leadership

- Achieve an improved level of effectiveness collectively and individually

- Increase and achieve trust and address dysfunction

- Improve outputs, quality, experience, the journey etc

- Back up our work with Science, theories, tools and techniques that work!

- Back up what we do with the evidence and continually build and review

We get asked to come back and thats the biggest accolade we can achieve!

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


We are the best partner because we:

- work collaboratively with clients as part of their team
- ...

Solution Focused

We know what we are good at and focus on it. We specialise in the behavioural aspects of development...


Being able to identify a concept and transpose it into workable deployment is something we do well. ...


Topical as Covid 19 continues to hover over the world and change the paradigms of our day to day act...


We have said it before, the magic, for us, is when you bring together all of the components of who w...

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