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Human Relations Cover

Human Relations

Who we are

Human Relations partners with your business as the people experts. Providing progressive, flexible, and affordable HR/People & Culture support services to small businesses who can't yet justify permanent headcount, as well as collaborating with existing HR/People teams to deliver effective People projects for human beings.

We design, create, and roll out human centred employee and employer experiences. It's people before policy; every time.

What we do

By using performance coaching (for all levels, not just leadership!), up to date strategic thinking, and a holistic approach to working relationships and emotional wellbeing, we can offer a solution built by design for your business that produces real results.

We can be the objective ear that your employees need when they are struggling, which an internal manager just can't be (even the best manager with the best will in the world!) and help bring challenging situations to a calm and empathetic solution before they affect the business.

We’ll also make sure that all of your necessary, more traditional HR processes are best practice and streamlined.

We're flexible to your needs when they arise. Affordable support packages made up of 'relationchips' can be banked, and redeemed as and when your company needs support. No subscription, no expiry date. Just know our people expertise are here when you need them.

What we've done

We've pushed the dial of progressive people centric working practices across a wide range of businesses. From developing whole company coaching programmes to tap into the potential of all employees, through to front footed policy and reward approaches. Our philosophy is based on a deep understanding of organisational community, and human psychology, treating employees and employers like the adult human beings they are.

We've identified that being truly flexible for our clients is what sets us apart. Our services can be delivered in any number of configurations thanks to our support package model.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


We listen, we care deeply, and we do it all with a great sense of humour....

Solution Focused

HR/People 'issues' are so often seen as issues because of a lack of confidence from managers and bus...


Understanding what people need to motivate them to do their best work is our sweet spot. Through emo...


Our approach is based on flexibility for our clients. We know things change all the time, so that's ...


The two key ingredients for a high performing team are trust, and openness. We take these two values...

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