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HSF health plan Cover

HSF health plan

Who we are

HSF health plan are a longstanding employee benefits provider. Our health plans include over 30 health related benefits such as dental and optical, an EAP, Personal Accident cover, 24/7 access to an online doctor, counselling support and HSF Perkbox, our shopping discount package.

HSF Health Plan is the trading company of The Hospital Saturday Fund, a registered charity that was founded in 1873.

What we do

Employees will quickly attribute a value to having HSF health plan as they are able to claim for costs such as dental check-ups, hygienist visits, eye tests, glasses and contact lenses making HSF an impactful and well received employee benefit operating in the UK and Ireland.

Other benefit categories such as Practitioners and Specialist Investigations also provide cover for a range of healthcare costs which can empower employees to obtain early diagnosis and treatment.

Our HSF Assist includes video and telephone support from our GP and counselling services, ensuring that people can easily access this important help 24 hours a day

Our health plans can be offered as a voluntary employee benefit at no cost to the employer or as an employer subsidised benefit.

What we've done

HSF health plan work with their customers to develop a collaborative approach to delivering their health plans and EAP. Our expertise in employee engagement enables us to identify the right engagement opportunities to support your employees and ensure that they, and your organisation will truly value the benefits we provide.

David Jessop, Executive Director People, Leonard Cheshire kindly wrote this in August 2020

Our charity follows the principle of seeking to work with suppliers who demonstrate a like-minded approach to our organisational values and actively support the type of purposeful work we deliver. Our long-standing relationship with HSF is a fine example of this principle in action and the organisation has been an active sponsor in bringing innovative equipment to some of our services and a keen promoter of our annual employee recognition awards.

Throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic threat, our frontline teams have been tirelessly delivering direct care and support throughout our services across the UK. To support our workforce, we have turned to our partners for additional ways of providing much-needed health and wellbeing care and assistance. The response from HSF has been superlative, both in terms of promptness and the caring benevolence shown in supporting our teams through this unprecedented time in our recent history.

I cannot praise Paul and his HSF team enough and look forward to continuing our positive, supportive relationship in the future.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


HSF health plan is the trading arm of the charity The Hospital Saturday Fund. Originally formed in 1...

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HSF health plan can be offered as a voluntary employee benefit at no cost to the employer or as an e...


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