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Eurekos Systems ApS Cover

Eurekos Systems ApS

Eurekos Systems ApS says...

"Eurekos is rapidly becoming the learning system of choice for organisations who are seeking a built from the ground up, intuitive, and customisable platform. Praised for its strong feature set, user-friendly interface, integrated content authoring tools, open architecture, and high value, the Eurekos platform easily integrates with the systems that companies rely on for daily activities. This best-in-class, extended enterprise LMS, is available in more than 100 languages, allowing companies globally to create and deliver engaging, interactive, memorable, powerful training content"

The Learning Effect says...

"Eurekos is a great learning system, especially for those looking to take face to face training into the online space. It has the capability to create content within the application, by using easy to use templates you can create more engaging content. Content is managed in bite-sized chunks, so learning plans can be created easily without having to create or duplicate content, making it easier to manage. There is the ability to add a social element to content, by adding a discussion board so learners can interact with each other, ask questions and provide support. Managing discussion boards is easy within the platform, as all can be seen in one view, so comments aren’t missed easily. One off or re-occurring events can be created and managed within the system, which is great for both offline and online events with integrations to webinar tools, e.g. Zoom and Teams, available. Brand personalisation can be achieved by adding a logo and branded content. The price point is good for what is offered and overall a great tool for small to medium sized businesses. There are plans to add translations to content in the future, which will enhance this tool even further."

The Learing Effect, Partner of Simply Brilliance

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Ideal Business Size: 1k+

Budget Range: £££

Who we are

Eurekos is an interpretation of the word “Eureka” from the Ancient Greek, which is an expression of joy or satisfaction for new discoveries or invention.

When we formed Eurekos ten years ago, we were focused on delivering exceptional learning content to our customers, but we noticed that something was missing. There was no single platform that integrated an engaging learning experience and learning delivery with the tools to create and maintain content quickly, easily and effectively. These should not be separate disciplines.

We changed that. Rethought the status quo. Redefined the way we work with learning and knowledge sharing in practice. We designed a modular structure that allows embedding the best tools the world has to offer at any given time and delivers an integrated next-level user experience with unprecedented efficiency.

We are not trying to be a “fit-for-all” solution. We want to provide a perfect fit for professional academies, product training, end-client training, compliance and demanding bespoke scenarios that just won’t fit the box.

With Eurekos you have emphasis on creation and delivery of unique content, supporting full channel services and products with great global localization.

When you choose Eurekos, you also choose a very committed partner! We work with you and have the ability to customize anything. Our modular structure and scalable infrastructure make it possible to customize and develop anything you need to support industry specific requirements or simply to leverage organizational procedures.

What we do

Eurekos has created an LMS that’s technologically advanced yet simple to use. Eurekos is different – and better – than the competition, offering volume and strength of integrations, video capabilities that others do not have, free global streaming, bit enhancement, scaling, and storage. Eurekos solutions are available in 100+ languages – which no other LMS offers – and offers unprecedented security, certified from the international security standard. Eurekos’ solutions are ideal for companies of all sizes and industries.

What we've done

Fosway, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst and an independent, objective group that analyzes the realities of the market, recognized Eurekos for its strong feature set, user-friendly interface, integrated content authoring tool, open architecture, and high value. Additionally, FinancesOnline Recognized Eurekos LMS with Awards for “Great User Experience” and “Rising Star.” Eurekos clients – including Columbus, Sysmex, Carey Institute for Global Good, Biotage, and Kemp & Lauritzen – praise Eurekos: “Eurekos has enabled us to take training to the next level. Thanks to the ease of use of the platform and the ability to create interactive and engaging content, our Academy has quickly become the new standard for our trainings.” “The support we received from the Eurekos team throughout was phenomenal – not only at set up but continuing even today. Perhaps even more important is the user experience: our staff reported that they particularly like the added interactivity it has brought to our trainings. I would highly recommend Eurekos, whatever your training purpose may be.” Eurekos is ISO/IEC certified, guaranteeing customers’ security and privacy. Also, the Eurekos LMS easily integrates with the solutions clients use daily, including Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Adobe, OneLogin and more.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


At Eurekos, we find that many of our clients have not been satisfied with their previous LMS provide...

Solution Focused

At a time when the global corporate training market is predicted to expand exponentially, Eurekos is...


Eurekos is nimble and scalable, allowing organizations to roll out updates of their products and ser...


Eurekos has proven to be nimble, flexible, and scalable. At the core of Eurekos’ philosophy is cus...


Eurekos prides itself having several key characteristics, including integrity, honesty, and transpar...

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