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Each Person

Who we are

We believe that Each Person matters

At Each Person our mission is to provide employees with the ultimate ‘feelgood’ package, combining unbeatable Cashback, in a great user experience, with tangible appreciation for a job well done 'in the moment'.

It’s the employees that keep companies in business. When they’re recognised and well rewarded they work harder, and stick around longer.

What we do

Each Person is an all together better way to celebrate your people

We take recognition and reward to a whole new level both in terms of tangible value for your people and how streamlined and easy it becomes for your business to operate. With over 1 billion reward points issued to UK employees to date we're setting the standard for how employees want to be rewarded.

What we've done

No two employees have exactly the same interests and motivations. So it can sometimes be tricky, and time-consuming to do employee recognition right and find the perfect way to say thanks.

1. Why do you need a recognition scheme?

Positive reinforcement will encourage your team to do their best and show them that you value what they do. Recognition helps boost morale, which, in turn, can help increase productivity.

2. 10% reward budget increase

At Each Person, we top up Employer reward budgets by 10%. So if you’re giving each of your employees a £50 bonus this Christmas, through our platform, we’ll automatically top it up by £5 for FREE every time.

3. Team Ecards & Nominations

As well as an extra bonus’ you can send employees Ecards and allow employees to nominate their colleagues for schemes such as employee of the month.

4. Simple real-time reporting

With top-down and peer-to-peer recognition we offer powerful reporting and a highly flexible set-up, it’s simple to reward and recognise your team with Each Person in a positive and engaging way.

5. Get access to Epoints…

As well all this, we give employees a place to get a huge saving when they shop online saving them 15%-35%... Each of your employees will receive an Epoints membership worth £100 and £24 p.a. This exclusive savings platform is a must for any employee to save money and get the reward they deserve.

6. Look after your people and the planet:

We believe that the single most important challenge we all face is that of climate change.

We have created a simple vehicle that can make a big difference to a complex problem. In addition to receiving up to 10% cashback on trusted online retailers, employees can give some of their extra Epoints to fund Eco-projects. They will still save money whilst saving the planet, Epoints can be gifted to Eco-projects to tackle climate change head-on.

To reflect our own commitment to this vital initiative, we’re also donating 5% of our profits to the schemes.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


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