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Davies Learning Solutions

Who we are

Our business prides itself on providing digital learning solutions to support blended learning experiences.

We also have a market leading learning retention solution called Errol owl - click here to find out more:

Davies Learning Solutions are the colourful, creative and performance focused consultancy for learning experiences."

We believe that learning and training are not the same thing; so we bring the best of digital, human-led and reflective learning together to achieve great results.

We achieve growth through beautifully designed content, characterful delivery and a singular focus on achieving you the Return on Investment you deserve.

What we do

Dry "clickity-click" e-Learning can be dull.

Dated PowerPoint after dated PowerPoint slide can be dreary.

Training sessions that are just a 'nice day out' without adding value? Well - that's devastating.

Davies Learning exist to turn this upside down and inside out.

We work with global and regional clients to build and deliver learning experience campaigns in Leadership, Service, Induction, Sales and Support with an expertise in Customer Experience.

In short, we don't do training, we create developmental campaigns.

We don't just "blend learning", we splice marketing principles with the best practice in human-led, digital and virtual learning development.

We partner with you to solve your challenges by engaging learners, innovating your people's participation and drive growth through activating learning.

What we've done

As a one-stop-studio for all things learning, we can help connect your people to epic learning opportunities and in-turn, better performance.

We've supported local councils to be more efficient, bus drivers to deliver amazing service, global retailers to sell better, historic financial institutions induct new starters through modern, digital solutions and much more besides in the last 18 years.

We have generated amazing results in Customer Experience, Sales and Leadership across the globe.

Some of our clients who have experienced us are:

Bupa, Lego, Manulife, Manchester Met University, RSA Group, DLG, Autoglass, Next, ASOS, Stagecoach, Citizens Advice Bureau and more.

Whether its digital learning, leadership coaching, animated videos or a significant transformation programme. We can help, with expertise, skill and a generous helping of energetic character.

Why not ask us about how we helped a transport company improve their NPS 29 points in 6 months? Or the £320,000 extra revenue we helped generate for a services organisation?

Or perhaps, you might like to know about our apprenticeship offerings for the banking and finance sector too?

Perhaps how we transformed a Canadian banking groups induction to massively reduce the time taken to competence?

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


As a consultancy, we have a strong legacy, near perfect advocacy and a long list of clients.

We o...

Solution Focused

Our consulting team have all been in Learning for over 10 years. We have worked in and with organisa...


We follow a simple process.

We listen and learn - Our team understand where you are, where you wa...


We are flexible, dilligent and well versed in the art of project management, but we know occasionall...


We deliver results, we speak truth and we are your partners.

Internal oversight, diverse experts ...

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