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Culture Creator

Who we are

Culture Creator works in partnership with businesses to develop authentic, lived out cultures. Cultures that link employee performance and well being to organisational success.

We aim to develop the golden thread that links strategy, vision and purpose to culture. The no1 best seller 'The Goldenthread' was released in June 2021.

We also play a great role in Wot the Book! limited - Leadership development through books, with development delivered direct by the authors themselves! Genius.

What we do

Our approach is simple, diagnostics of current culture, target culture design, values and leadership behavior alignment and then implementation. We work with you on some or (ideally) all of the elements. We also offer open programmes to develop your own culture creator in your business.

We design values that are true to the organisation or we work with you to further embed the ones you have. We review your leadership capability and provide solutions to develop in line with the culture you are aspiring to achieve.

We look at what's working and what's not, the inconsistencies or contradictions that are stopping the culture from developing in the way you want it to.

We work on Mergers and Acquisitions - the bringing of together two organisations and accelerating integration.

And with all business change projects - there will always be a people impact so we can support you on the change elements to ensure that when it lands, it lands quickly and effectively,

We can also provide team diagnostics and team development to support the agenda of being a high performing organisation.

What we've done

We work in all industries and that's what makes us exciting. We have a history of large matrix organisations (DHL, McKesson, Argos) and transformational projects in the UK and Europe under our belt.

But...large or small, its' the variety we love and the passion of who we work with. If you have a sense of what can be delivered through culture then we would love to work with you. We get excited by a board who has purpose, who see the impact they can have on their people but equally the impact their people can have on their business performance.

Cultural development sounds huge but it is also the smaller projects that gain great rewards. Techucation, creating a culture ready for digital adoption increases the speed of acceptance and the results. Making a learning culture shift - adopting curiosity as a value and building a culture that seeks to learn, the impact greater collaboration, innovation and faster to market solution.

All organisational change projects have an impact as they all touch on people.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


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