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Craig Hiskett - Learning Solutions Cover

Craig Hiskett - Learning Solutions

Who we are

Learning today is like force feeding people food they didn't order.

Let's change that by making learning focused on you and solving your problems and your to-dos.

What we do

Using the latest developments in understanding how people learn, I design learning experiences based on your affective context, that peak attention and curiosity to allow deep processing of new learning.

I take an in depth look at the world of your people, particularly their interests, their tasks in the workplace and their problems. All to design learning with real impact for them.

Through storytelling, simulations, feedback, reflection, social learning and many more to create a true learning experience.

Together, we map change over time using data obtained both up front and continuously to judge behavioural change and impact in the workplace.

No more learning without understanding the true impact it has!

What we've done

I've worked on organisational and individual behaviour change projects ranging from the HR accrediting body the CIPD, to engineering services firm Bosch and charity Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Some of these projects include creating an effective meeting culture (CIPD), delivering a host of virtual learning sessions, such as being creative whilst working from home (CIPD) and how to organise your day more effectively (Make-A-Wish foundation), as well as various other projects including personality profiling individual and group debriefs (Bosch).

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


My approach can be summarised in 3 ways (and was by a client!).

- Human Centered; meaning I won't...

Solution Focused

My ITP model (Interests, To-dos, Pains) aims to get to the heart of the real need behind any learnin...


My aim is for any participant to leave a learning experience of mine with a clear path ahead to impr...


When many begin requests for learning, they are not sure of the actual problem they are trying to so...


Everything up front and on-time. It's my reputation at stake and I won't hide anything from you.


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