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Who we are

Ceannas is a UK-based, global boutique Leadership Consultancy. The Ceannas programmes enable leaders to create successful futures by helping them to make a long-term, sustainable, positive impact on the organisations they lead.

The bespoke leadership development programmes are dedicated to releasing the individual and collective leadership potential in an organisation by combining the full range of Ceannas analytical tools with immersive and interactive delivery.

The Values Ceannas live by are -

- Building Trusted Relationships

- Embracing Productive Change

- Unlocking Hidden Assets

- Inspiring Ambitious Action

- Creating Sustainable Futures

What we do

Ceannas is the Scots Gaelic word for 'Leadership'. Everything we do is focused on creating long-term, sustainable positive change to organisations through Leadership behaviours. The bespoke programmes are designed to meet the leadership needs of the client and is aligned to the organisation's vision, values and strategic goals.

What we've done

Ceannas has worked with clients with huge success across multiple sectors, including Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Technology, Engineering, Hospitality, Law, Manufacturing, Professional Sport and Local Government.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


Our Vision at Ceannas is to build a 100 year-old company that is a leader in the field of wise leade...

Solution Focused

Ceannas follows the following principles while working with Client partners:

- Leadership Behavio...


The desired outcomes of the Ceannas leadership programmes are -

- Giving the 'Edge'
- Providing...


Every relationship Ceannas develops starts with Trust. We work to truly understand the client's need...


The process of co-designing a Ceannas programme with a client ensures that there are no grey areas r...

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