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Catalyst Performance and Leadership Development Ltd. Cover

Catalyst Performance and Leadership Development Ltd.

Who we are

Catalyst helps organisations transform from advice-driven to curiosity-led. We love unleashing the power of curiosity!

Curious and coach-like behaviours are great for organisations. They are a catalyst for trust, engagement, great collaboration, improved problem solving and accountability.

Our programmes are simply brilliant, designed around maximum engagement, fun and impact. Our content is practical and easy to apply, authenticated by experience and practice, not theoretical constructs.

What we do

We unleash the power of curiosity, with the belief that curiosity and more coach-like behaviours drive cultures that are more resilient, innovative and successful. In short, we want to help people be happier at work.

We help leaders understand and reverse the old age habit of jumping in and giving too much advice and direction. The truth is - advice is often not that helpful. It's often focused on the wrong problem and limits the contribution, learning and development of others.

We offer live and virtual programmes for global reach, complete with tried and tested sustainability resources to help the learning stick and drive real behaviour change.

What we've done

We have been delighted to help many clients unleash their curiosity including Sainsbury's, CBRE, Autotrader, Oracle/Grapeshot and Astra Zeneca. Here's a sample of what our clients say about our programmes and keynote sessions:

"Jonathan has supported us with running a series of The Coaching Habit sessions for our logistics division. We really enjoy the simplicity of the whole programme, from the materials through to the delivery of the content, which supports the complex, agile world that we work and live in now. The delivery of the sessions is very engaging and interactive. Some of the personal 'aha' moments include building new habits, the Advice Monster and all important question 'what do you need from me'?"

David Plater L&D Partner and Pippa Young HR Manager, Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd.

"Jonathan delivered two excellent masterclasses at our whole company meeting in January and a total of 300 people were lucky enough to attend the '5 Question Leader' keynote. A staggering 86% of people rated the session as very good' or 'excellent', making it by far the best received masterclass on the day. Jonathan pitched it perfectly and in such a simple way that you left feeling enlightened and inspired. The anecdotal feedback has been immense and even weeks after the event, there is a real buzz around the sessions."

Emma Bevan, Capability Partner, Astra Zeneca PLC.

"We were a bit apprehensive about the course: we had people who were skeptical about what could be accomplished in a four-hour workshop. But Jonathan captured their imaginations. His style was engaging and effective - he remembered names, used examples in the debrief sessions that were relevant and customised. We loved the facilitation and feedback has been fantastic."

Shona Wylie, Head of HR and Competence Development, Volvo Trucks UK.

"Hands down the best conference workshop I have had the pleasure to attend".

Jo Wainwright, Official Blogger, CIPD L&D show 2018.

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