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Brandable & Co.

Who we are

We're a multiple award-winning strategy agency, based in the UK with a global reach and a passion for being human at work, delivering personal, career and leadership brand strategy programmes, masterclasses and one-to-one development for individuals, teams and organisations.

Our brilliance is in crafting strategic people-brands by design, not by default; to advance careers and build confidence, to diversify marketing strategies and accelerate leadership development, and to cultivate commercial or competitive advantage.

What we do

Our expertise is in people-brand development and strategy. Working with businesses and individuals, we deliver personal, career and leadership brand programmes, sprints and masterclasses, as well as working one-to-one. Our work acts as a catalyst to bring people to the forefront of their careers, their potential and their industry with both internal and external stakeholders.

Clients, customers and colleagues want to know and trust the leaders and people behind the companies with whom they do business, they expect to build relationships and ultimately, it's a major factor in why they decide to buy, return and recommend to others. We have seen power shift to the individual – individuals as buyers and individuals as the voices of their business or industry so by taking a strategic approach to people branding, you can attract new opportunities, reach previously untapped markets, improve staff retention, increase trust and credibility and ultimately, transform the way you do business.

We all have ‘being human’ in common and using the Brandable & Co. methodology, we guide people and organisations as they craft strong, authentic, personal and professional brands that connect with clients, differentiate them from the competition and position them as market leaders.

Being ‘professional’ doesn’t mean that you can’t be yourself and ordinary human beings are capable of extraordinary things. People-brands have the power to open the door to possibility, transform futures and create a positive and lasting impact for individuals, companies and beyond.

What we've done


• Most Outstanding Strategic Branding Agency (winner) - Corporate Excellence Awards 2021

• 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2021 (shortlisted) - The Silicon Review

• Best Corporate Branding Agency UK (winner) - Global Business Awards 2020

• Corporate Branding Agency Of The Year (winner) - Business Excellence Awards 2020

IMPACT & REACH Updated March 2021

• 2150+Individuals

• 63 Clients

• 45 Industries

• 44 Events

• 43 Countries

• 21 Event partners


• #PAYITFORWARD Every year we work with up to four organisations, free of charge. So far, we've delivered workshops, talks and events to schools, universities, mentoring programmes, charities, NGOs, and non-profits

• #STOPUNDERSELLINGYOURSELF 2021 marks the start of a 12-month challenge to reach and encourage one million to stop underselling themselves.

• #BRANDABLEGUIDES We're on a social mission to ensure that everyone, whatever their circumstances, budgets or perceived limitations, can access information that will help them to craft a personal brand, accelerate a career or open the door to possibility. In order to provide #humanbrand direction to many, we've produced, and are continuing to develop, a series of free, informative and downloadable Brandable & Co. Guides and when we say free, we mean free - no catches, no email sign up and no sales funnels!


Our clients range from corporate organisations to education programmes and from large enterprises to startups. From high profile individuals and senior executives to entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers, as well as future leaders and those wanting to fast track or reposition their career. You can find testimonials on the client page of our website.

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