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100 & First

Who we are

The purpose of 100 & First is to use powerful, inspirational, incredible real-life experiences as frameworks for you to create and drive your own change, whether that be personal, organisational or cultural.

In many ways, the job is the easy part. The leadership challenge is creating a place where people love what they do, genuinely care for the people they do it with and are invested in the organisation they are doing it for. Once we get the people, the culture and environment right, then we can focus on the job.

What we do

Our aim at 100 & First is to show you how the principles that make these stories so incredible can be applied to you, within your context, to deliver the same level of achievement.

We want to leave an impact on everyone that we meet, from questioning how they can get better…to making wholesale changes.

What we've done

Being a Bright Spark we are still at the beginning of our journey, so far we have been fortunate to work with Mercedes F1, General Dental Council and Lidl with upcoming projects in the Education sector as well as running open online courses with our incredible associate speakers.

Our delivery ranges from putting together speaker series and running bespoke workshops through to 1 on 1 coaching and 6 week to 6 month change programmes, dependant on the needs of our clients.

Everything we do is entirely bespoke to our client needs and wants. We will use an incredible real-life experience, delivered by one of our inspirational speakers, as the narrative and framework, with the area of change at the heart of it.

Through our facilitators we will then talk through the key learning points and fundamental principles that make the given story so compelling and draw them into your context and show how they can be applied in your working or personal life.

This is why we believe being simply brilliant is in our DNA...


We want to learn about you, your business and the areas of improvement and growth that you feel need...

Solution Focused

In order to deliver the most impactful solution, we often start with a period of gathering 'people d...


As mentioned in earlier in our profile, our purpose is using incredible real-life experiences to dri...


Being a Bright Spark and business born in the midst of a global pandemic, being able to flex and ada...


We fundamentally believe that the only way to create an authentic relationship is to have

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