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about us

The idea of Simply Brilliance came from female entrepreneurs and friends with families, school runs and career aspirations to juggle.

3 very different people with the same vision; to simplify and enhance the search for brilliant learning providers, to make their lives and the lives of their peers easier.

They felt your pain

With a combined experience of over 60 years leading and developing people, they understood the challenge of getting great external partners to support HR & Learning and Development initiatives whether these were Management Development Programmes, Apprenticeships, one off interventions or the implementation of new Learning Management Systems.

They too had walked for hours on end around conferences, searched through Google and reached out to peers, sometimes with success (they had worked with some really brilliant providers) but it’s a tough gig, they believed there was a simpler way.

Simply Brilliance was born out of this belief

Their vision

Their vision was a site where you could easily identify great providers for specific needs, where you could search by topic areas, post projects and browse dynamic profiles to help you identify the values and approach of all providers.

They wanted a place where the initial sifting had been done and you could be confident in the quality of the providers and their services.

The offer needed to involve a solid provider application criterion, fully loaded provider profiles, and genuine user reviews allowing users to search, connect and develop people simply, easily and brilliantly.

They knew that free resources had been incredibly helpful in their L&D and HR roles, so they included a regularly updated library of free resources supplied by the providers to further enhance the experience and demonstrate their commitment to making people lives easier.

The gift of time

They wanted to take the hard work off you so you could spend your valuable time looking after your people, focusing on building a great culture and delivering on your business KPI’s.

Growing together

So, they did it! And everyone here at Simply Brilliance hopes you like it! Please let us know what you think! We are all about continuous improvement and we don’t think we have all the answers, so please let us know how we can improve the site for you?

Why the Zebra?

That’s been asked before.

We think Zebras are a bit special! Unique, rare and stand out from the crowd! There isn’t another animal quite like a zebra and that’s why we think she perfectly represents our brand – there isn’t another site quite like Simply Brilliance!

And it turns out a group of zebras is called a dazzle – which is exactly what our providers do.

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We love learning, hearing other people's ideas and a good chat so give us a shout if you have any thoughts or questions.

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